Hookworms and threadworms enter the body in contaminated drinking water or through bare feet.

When I was younger I had a REAL problem with feet. I surely had an issue with my own feet (to the point where i sometimes wore socks in our pool), but this wasn’t half as strong as my distaste for these taboo appendages on other people.

I remember when i was in 7th grade, i was told by my science teacher, Mrs. McLaughlin, that hookworms can enter your feet through the grass….if you are lucky enough to step in remnants of animal feces.

Because of this potent statement….my 13-year-old mind went completely haywire, and i was forced to wear inappropriate footwear during the summer heat. Imagine watching some jackass walking around wearing combat boots in August, essentially steam cooking all the delicious aromas and bacteria that come from those horrendous, dirty, ugly, tapeworm vestibule extremities. This, in my mind, was better than the terrible alternative….getting a hookworm as a tenant in my lower intestine.

I’m over that now……..to some degree, however……

The island of Manhattan is a breeding ground for disease, especially during the summer months. When you go down into a subway station, it can emit an odor unlike any other….it’s a potpourri of cheese, gangrene, garbage, human filth and rats. (on a sidenote- i think that glade should produce a scented candle composed of the previous scents and sell it at NYC tourist spots…..call it “subway”….people will eat that up….just saying).

Now, when i observe summer footwear, especially in a pungent subway station, i must wonder why people make certain choices.

For example:

A barefoot homeless man walks around the platform on the downtown yellow line side…..he paces back and forth with his feet firmly pressed against the dirty tile. The skin on his feet is deteriorating with patches of white and red spotting his normally black skin. It looks almost as though…..wait a minute…..this man has gangrene.

A girl walks down the steps to catch the downtown R train to prince street to shop. Wearing her brand new Marc Jacobs gladiator sandals, she feel a rush of confidence fill her body as she notices people glancing at her footwear. The soles on the shoe are quite thin, and her toes slightly hang over the toe of the shoe. Her big toe grazes the spot where the homeless man was pacing. Lucky for her, gangrene isn’t contagious, however….this stylish woman now acquired Eosinophilic Meningitis, which is a common disease transmitted to humans through rats. The usual cause is the parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensis, (the rat lungworm).

So ladies, new time you go out for a “night on the town”, always remember that when you put on your brand new pair of Manolo Blahnik peep toes, you might be going home with a foot covered in human feces and/ or pestilence.

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3 thoughts on “Hookworms and threadworms enter the body in contaminated drinking water or through bare feet.

  1. Alex says:

    HAhahahaha. How about the dirty, barefoot hippies that walk down the street honing yoga mats as the new shoe? Maybe they should try to use yoga mats as magic carpets (their asses are already dirtier than Aladdin’s). I say Watch out where you take a yoga class. You might just be downward dogging behind one of these walking suppositories. After they infect the entire floor with their hookworms, they’ll do the cobra face first in the same spot where their verminous foot juice just absorbed into their cesspool of a mat.

  2. Mia says:

    eww. thanks the info.
    i’m only gonna wear boots now, even in the summer.

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