Jump rope for the glory of god.

Watch the video here:


This woman might be the most clueless person on the planet.  She is also damn sexy with her Linda Gray in Dallas haircut and white trash-soccer mom-suit jacket.  These young jump ropers came to the good ol’ U.S of A from Vietnam via boat…..but Pirates invaded the ship and stole most of the gold they had.


REALLY?!  Pirates?!!!!

The poor children had a ship full of gold?!

This woman needs a lobotomy.  Although, she must be dead by now, from years of abusing prescription medication and cheap Georgi vodka martinis.


She also discusses “child abuse”, which is a little known concept.  The jump ropers were hung by their wrists in the trees and beaten by family members…..but according to the host who resembles the Crypt Keeper juxtaposed with Linda Gray…..it’s O.K to spank your children, so they learn to obey.

Hung from trees and beaten= bad



I guess the family of the Jump Ropin’ fools didn’t get that memo.  Thanks Jesus, I guess your fax machine was broken that day.

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