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Wait….YOU are a fashion critic?


He is the overly flamboyant Z-list style expert that randomly appears when equally irritating Carson Kressley is busy.  He recently judged a fashion program on TV Land.    Yes, apparently TV Land is an actual channel.  Robert Verdi dresses like mentally retarded gay executive that has a massive addiction to young boys and wearing female undergarments.

Description on his site:

“He’s a Jersey Boy-cum jewelry designer-cum-television host-cum lifestyle expert-cum rising superstar.”

(no pun intended…..no, really…..you’d have to be strung out on a shit ton of meth to even find him mildly attractive)

Douchey Quote:

“Jewelry is more dependable than a man”

Celebrity Clients:

Eva Longoria, Hugh Jackman and Kathy Griffin.

Looks like:

Sean Patrick Flannery in “Powder” mixed with Liberace.

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